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So it seems, in the blink of an eye, that this is the end of ATP promotions. After swallowing the ticket fees of thousands of fans, cancelling their Jabberwocky festival just days before and getting into public legal wrangles with ticket seller and PR firm, respectively. This episode has left a hugely bitter taste in the mouths of many, once loyal fans.

Furthermore, a raft of replacement shows have been hastily arranged and tickets panic bought by fans left short of satisfaction and entertainment. Some of the bands may have even been looking to secure a double payday, after receiving an advance for Jabberwocky and collecting sums for replacement gigs also, leaving music fans out of pocket and not getting anything like the experience they deserve.

Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz said on Twitter ‘@killquilty: (I’m) fairly sure most if not all bands were not paid their full fees for ATP. replacement shows only got back a portion of that guarantee’, following that up with ‘@killquilty: not even sure we broke even on the tour due to jabberwocky cancellation TBH. it was a huge blow. i know other bands are in same boat’.

But not ALL bands are ‘in the same boat’, seamingly. When Forest Swords was asked about the situation regarding replacement shows, he expressed ‘@forestswords: (I) Notice the only bands who didn’t do replacements were the larger ones? They’re the ones they’ll have paid. Not the smaller ones’.

But with Kurt Vile and Neutral Milk Hotel both playing replacement shows and featuring as headlining acts, does this mean they’ve been quick to cash in in the face of adversity. Have these two acts taken their fans to the cleaners? We can’t be certain but one thing is for sure - this is the end of trust and respect in the once revered ATP brand. Whilst the situation with the replacement shows and fans having to pay much more than they bargained for smaller shows is awful, the focus should remain on the mess ATP have made of this event and their lack of willingness to take ownership. We don’t care who the ticket company are, we bought ATP - we expect ATP and it is ATP who will suffer most from this mess.

Notes: Kurt Vile ignored our request for comment. We were unable to find a contact to question regarding Neutral Milk Hotel.



This breezy summer beauty comes from Norwich via Brightoners, Native Sons.

With mathy, twinkling guitar and skittering drums, Humanise has a cool atmospheric build-up making the track a little bit lovely and a hell of a debut to kick things off for the now London based band.

Comprised of two brothers and a mate, Native Sons have certainly got us wondering what else they’ve got up their sleeve. We hope they go far!



This track is so sumptuous! Keeper by the wonderful Furns is pure pop dipped in honey.

Yes it’s kinda funky, but hey, they do funk incredibly well, moving it away from the realms of 70’s porno and into something sassy and very current indeed.

The Copenhagen duo have got an album in the pipeline too so if that’s whet your whistle then keep checking out their FB page for more.



I’ve been enjoying this beatsy number by Gosh Pith for a few days now.

Combining crisp electronic beats with warm vocals, Waves gives the Detroit based duo a distinct sound that’s both soulful and beautifully minimal at the same time. Kinda like a broken hearted robot.

The pair having been earning praise for Waves all over the web and I concur- it’s a great track and I love it!



Like all the best bands in life, Kid Wave manage to sound familiar but like nothing else you can put your finger on. Today they premiered their new track, All I Want on Noisey and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d want to hear on a day like today.

Sundrenched, carefree and beachy it builds into a wonderful chorus with a vocal talent that defies their youthfulness. The band have been snapped up by Heavenly as a new signing and will be supporting Childhood on their forthcoming tour. I’d say that Heavenly is on to a winner with this one.